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China Double Pitch Conveyor Chains with Extended Pins with Best Sales

Merchandise Description

The machine applies pre-10sion approach to create hollow main slab on the concrete casting bed. It will take motor as push and use reciprocating linear movement of the sliding block to transmit the blend material type hopper to the forming component of the equipment. The concrete material pushing every single other and excluding the air and by steady vibration the concrete plasticizing quickly. At the identical time, the reaction pressure developed by the sliding block pushing substance, it will help the device overcome the friction resistance and go forward and slabs getting formed at the behind of the equipment.



GLY150*1200 fifteen 1.2-1.4m/min seven.five ten.24 nine.5mm fourteen 13
GLY 180*1200 19 1-1.2m/min nine 16.sixteen 12.7mm ten 11
GLY 200*1200 22 1-1.2m/min 10.two 13.22 12.7mm ten 8
GLY250*900 18.5KW 1.2m/min twelve.6 11.one twelve.7mm seven 6peach
GLY300*900 22KW one.2m/min fifteen 10.83 12.7mm eight 5peach
GLY 220*1200 24KW 1-1.2m/min ten.5 ten.9 twelve.7mm 9 eight
GLY 250*1200 26KW one-1.2m/min 12.six 11.one twelve.7mm 10 8
GLY three hundred*1200
33KW 1-1.2m/min 15 10.83 12.7mm twelve
We can create the machine according Customers Layout for slabs.

Our Equipment Can Create The Slab thickness from 50mm up to 500mm as Buyer Ask for.
Massive Span Hollow main slab purposes:
Precast prestressed hollow main slabs, with their lightweight and thickness can cross spans exceptionally large.
In accordance to the quickly implementation, these slabs allow a simplification of the structure and a reduction of the building top.

Software areas:
-Place of work developing
-Industrial buildings (factories, warehouse )
-Industrial buildings
-Public buildings
Advantages of hollow core slab:
one. A extremely automated production procedure.
2. Smooth even bottom surfaces indicating false ceilings can be omitted.
3. Very good seem insulation homes.
4. Due to the fact of the longitudinal cores fat of the ground is reduced.
5. The voids in hollow core can be employed for complex installations, i.e. ventilation conduits, plumbing and electrical pipes and so on.
six. Short construction time, absence of scaffolding, substantial mechanical and toughness functionality, excellent span-depth ratio and very good adaptability in design.
7. Hollow main can be made to meet up with distinct hearth class needs.
8. Hollow core can be utilised with all kinds of supporting buildings i.e. Bearing partitions, skeletal concrete structures or steel frames.
nine. The diminished fat of slabs presents cost savings in foundations and buildings.
ten. More time spans, less assistance, a lot more freedom in ground prepare design.

      eight.5 1.3-1.five 2100×960×720 1150


As your a single-quit resource, AT PRECAST,we layout, maker and distribute precast concrete add-ons such as the Lifting Techniques and Anchoring techniques Coil and Ferrule Inserts. for Concrete and Prefabricated spot.

As a leader in creating concrete accessory items, our principal objective is to make merchandise that are safer, more quickly and a lot more price successful.

With more than absolutely 50 a long time operating experience, our entire personnel is devoted to give you with the greatest buyer services and aggressive rates. Our sales drive are CZPT to response your inquiries swiftly and offer you technical assistance .

a hundred% quality  manufacturing.
 We guarantee that our products meet your supplied specifications
 Extremely competitive pricing
 Delivery to your port or front door
 4 —- 8 week lead times
 We handle all paperwork
 Partial container orders
 Flexible payment options
 Unique tooling options
 Full range of packaging options from bulk to retail ready
 Complete testing services available


one. The place is your area?

We are positioned in HangZhou Metropolis of China and are closed to Airport. It will take 30minuts by car from Liuting Airport our firm.

2. How lengthy has the company been recognized?

AT Market was set up in 2009. There is 6 many years exporting ordeals.

3. How numerous staff do you have?

Administration / sales    four
Engineering / style as our partner     eight
Production as our associates one hundred twenty
High quality assurance / inspection   ten

four. Which countries do you export to?

U.S.A, Germany, France, Italy, United kingdom, Brazil, Middle east of Asia, Thailand,

5. What proportion of your products are exported?

one hundred% of our generation are exported to all more than the globe.

six. How long does it take to receive samples?

a) Pattern:thirty-45days following order 
b) Sample:30days after sample ending.
c) The lead time is the common generation time period and does not include the transportation time.

seven. New product growth procedure

Obtained tooling order and sample purchase with 50% deposit—Maintain a conference with the relation dept. to make certain the building schedule—Design pattern, fixture and gauge and producing them in our home—mould metal purchasing—Machining—Inspection—Deliver out the sample with original inspection report.

8. How lengthy is the manufacturing guide time?

Mass Manufacturing: 90days soon after sample approval by yours.
The direct time is the basic production period including the transportation time.
We could make some unique manufacturing arrangement properly if customer has urgent want.

9. What basis can we acquire items?

We typically provide customers prices FOB& CIF (Carriage, Insurance policies & Freight). The CIF contains the freight cost to your nominated sea port.
We do provide clearance of merchandise which demands to be taken care of by a regional freight forwarder.
All local expenses and taxes are the accountability of the consumer. We are pleased to provide advisement on shipping if essential.

10. What are the payment terms?

Payment phrases are negotiable and will increase for extended time period customers.
In the course of the initial stages, we ask for 50% of tooling fee in progress with the balance payable on acceptance of samples.
Production orders can be negotiable. We choose fifty% deposit and the harmony by T/T prior to sails. But at times T/T 30 times following sails would also satisfactory.

11. Which currency can we get in?

We can deal in USD / Euro currency / GBP.

12. How prolonged does it just take to ship merchandise from China by sea?

It requires about 5 weeks to European ports plus 1 7 days customs clearance, so you can get the container inside of 6 to 7 months. It takes about 2 months to east coastline and 3 weeks to west coastline US ports. All sea merchandise are shipped from HangZhou Port.

13. How lengthy does it just take to ship merchandise from China by air?

It takes about 7 days to all main places.

fourteen. Can we check out the factory to perform an audit?

Sure, you are welcome to pay a visit to our companion manufacturing facility by prior settlement.

fifteen. How do we keep consumer confidentiality?

We are happy to indicator Confidentiality Agreements with buyers and will honor them.

sixteen. Which languages do we do company in?

Despite the fact that we do enterprise with numerous international locations around the world, we can only talk effectively in Chinese English.
All information equipped ought to consequently be equipped in this kind.

17. Is there a least quantity of company needed to carry out international getting?

There are no minimal volumes, but the prices of the items, furthermore the set costs of importing can make it far more affordable to get in higher volumes. All prospective buyers will be assessed on an individual foundation to decide if it seems a practical choice for all get-togethers to build a connection.

eighteen. What type of components you are specialized in?

Our business contains 2 locations,
one particular is for construction precast which includes lifting system, rigging components steel components.
Another is custom-made steel company of quality sand castings, investment castings, lost foam castings, hot forgings, cold forgings, stampings, machined parts, injectionmolded plastics parts, etc.

19. Which sort of equipments do you have?

Forging friction press 160Ton, 300Ton, 630Ton, 1200Ton
Casting CZPT of 200kg, 500kg,1000kgs, 2000kgs
Press of 63ton, 120tons
CNC Machining centre
CNC Vertical Lathe
CNC Lathe heart
Uninteresting machine
Drilling equipment


US $0.987
/ Piece
10 Pieces

(Min. Order)


Type: Special Type
Transmission: Hydraulic Transmission
Walking Mode: Wheeled
Load and Unload Method: Rear Dump
Engine Power: 74~147kw
Certification: CE, ISO9001: 2000


US$ 20/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample




GLY150*1200 15 1.2-1.4m/min 7.5 10.24 9.5mm 14 13
GLY 180*1200 19 1-1.2m/min 9 16.16 12.7mm 10 11
GLY 200*1200 22 1-1.2m/min 10.2 13.22 12.7mm 10 8
GLY250*900 18.5KW 1.2m/min 12.6 11.1 12.7mm 7 6peach
GLY300*900 22KW 1.2m/min 15 10.83 12.7mm 8 5peach
GLY 220*1200 24KW 1-1.2m/min 10.5 10.9 12.7mm 9 8
GLY 250*1200 26KW 1-1.2m/min 12.6 11.1 12.7mm 10 8
GLY 300*1200
33KW 1-1.2m/min 15 10.83 12.7mm 12
We can produce the machine according Customers Design for slabs.


      8.5 1.3-1.5 2100×960×720 1150
US $0.987
/ Piece
10 Pieces

(Min. Order)


Type: Special Type
Transmission: Hydraulic Transmission
Walking Mode: Wheeled
Load and Unload Method: Rear Dump
Engine Power: 74~147kw
Certification: CE, ISO9001: 2000


US$ 20/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample




GLY150*1200 15 1.2-1.4m/min 7.5 10.24 9.5mm 14 13
GLY 180*1200 19 1-1.2m/min 9 16.16 12.7mm 10 11
GLY 200*1200 22 1-1.2m/min 10.2 13.22 12.7mm 10 8
GLY250*900 18.5KW 1.2m/min 12.6 11.1 12.7mm 7 6peach
GLY300*900 22KW 1.2m/min 15 10.83 12.7mm 8 5peach
GLY 220*1200 24KW 1-1.2m/min 10.5 10.9 12.7mm 9 8
GLY 250*1200 26KW 1-1.2m/min 12.6 11.1 12.7mm 10 8
GLY 300*1200
33KW 1-1.2m/min 15 10.83 12.7mm 12
We can produce the machine according Customers Design for slabs.


      8.5 1.3-1.5 2100×960×720 1150

What is a drive chain?

A drive chain is a wheeled device that transmits power from one gear to another. The drive chain is usually an oval ring around a corner or worm gear. On the other hand, idler pulleys do not transmit power and are not used to move the chain. In some cases, drive chains can be used with idler pulleys to transport objects. This allows the drive chain to recover some power from the second gear.

conveyor chain

There are many types of conveyor chains to choose from. One type is a closed joint chain. It consists of the barrel and connecting rod, made from a single casting and heat-treated for high strength and durability. Conveyor chains typically have low running speeds and are typically made of malleable iron. Another type of chain is the power transmission chain, which is used to transmit mechanical power. They feature efficient lubrication and are stronger than conventional conveyor chains.
Roller chain pitches can range from half an inch to a third of an inch. They are available in steel and nickel-plated steel. They can be used with inline or staggered rollers and can be designed with different pitch levels. They can also have bushings between the chainplates or gaps between the teeth to increase their maximum spacing. When choosing a conveyor chain, remember to properly lubricate bearing surfaces to minimize power absorption, wear, and corrosion. Mineral oils of medium viscosity are suitable for normal operating temperatures. SAE 20W50 is suitable. Manufacturers also offer self-lubricating chains.
Conveyor chains are used in many industries. The automotive industry has traditionally used these chains for bulk transport. Their reliability and low cost make them an excellent choice for a variety of applications. CZPT Chains offers stainless steel and CZPT conveyor chains to meet your unique requirements. If you’re in the market for a new conveyor, don’t forget to shop around. CZPT Chain can help you find the perfect one.
The regular drive version consists of an ASME/ANSI roller chain wrapped around a driven sprocket. It can also be configured for variable rpm. The gear ratio between the two parts determines the reduction or increase in speed. In some cases, solution chains can be used. Roller chains are more efficient. Then, there are solutions for both cases. There are many types of conveyor chains to choose from.
Conveyor chain pitch also plays an important role in performance. The smaller the pitch of the chain, the faster it spins. On the other hand, a smaller pitch will require more teeth on the sprocket, which means more links will be engaged during the movement. This smaller articulation angle also produces smoother motion. It also reduces vibration. Therefore, CZPT Chains can be trusted for a long time.

roller chain

The performance of a drive chain depends on how well it is maintained and lubricated. Careful attention to detail is required when selecting a roller chain, which is one of the most important components in a drive chain. Its proper lubrication and assembly will significantly affect its wear life. Here are some important tips to follow when buying a roller chain:
The size of the drive chain should be selected according to the sprockets used. The large sprocket should have at least 25 teeth, and the small sprocket should have fewer teeth. The pitch of a drive chain is the contact angle between the chain and the sprocket. The smaller the sprocket, the smaller the contact angle of the two parts. Larger sprockets are better, but smaller sprockets must never have fewer teeth.
When purchasing a roller chain, be sure to consider the maximum speed of the small sprocket. This will determine how much lubrication you need. Different lubrication systems have different requirements. Manual lubrication limits how many feet per minute the drive chain can run, while oil bath lubrication can get you up to 1100 ft/min. The only way to maximize drive chain speed is to purchase a pump lubrication system.
Once you have the right length, you can determine if you need a new one. To do this you have to move the axis to measure the length. Once the length is determined, the drive chain should be removed from the sprocket and measured using the ANSI specified measuring load. You should also follow safety guidelines when measuring your chain. If you want to maximize the life of your drive chain, be sure to follow these tips.
Another important consideration is the type of environment you operate in. For applications that need to avoid rubbing steel rails, it is best to use a roller chain that can withstand a clean indoor environment. Although roller chains are generally more durable, they must be stored properly to avoid corrosion. If you care about the environment, consider opting for double chain. Its durability and low maintenance costs will make it a valuable investment in your business.

closed pivot

Closed-end pivot drive chains are used in a variety of applications. They are known for their durability, high strength, and long life. They are available in a variety of grades, including grade 400, grade 600, and grade 800 pivots, which can withstand the high forces required for certain applications. Enclosed pivot chains can be used to lift, pull, convey and transfer heavy loads.
Class 400 closed-end pivot chain features one-piece cast offset link construction. Steel pins connect each link and are prevented from rotating by head stops. This design allows the pin to connect inside the barrel without breaking. This type of chain is the most commonly used and has the highest durability. In addition to being extremely durable, it offers long-lasting performance and smooth operation.
Another closed-end pivot conveyor chain drive is called a power drive chain. These chains consist of barrels and links used to transmit rotation from one shaft to another. The barrels of the closed-end pivot chains are made of steel, which allows them to run easily on the sprockets. Block drive chains are used for low-speed applications, but they can be noisy when the chain is in contact with the sprockets.
The enclosed pivot drive chain has rollers on both ends to minimize wear. These chains are usually made of steel and can be used in areas where high-speed power transmission is required. They are also available in heavy-duty versions. Unlike other types of chains, steel pivot chains are designed for a variety of applications. They are suitable for heavy-duty applications and their open barrel design allows for minimal contact with the pins in the barrel and the root of the sprocket.

Linear chain

CZPT is an important part of linear drive technology. This type of chain is capable of delivering real power in tight spaces. Typically, loads are moved by pulling or pushing. CZPT can perform both types of movements. They can push and pull additional loads. This type of chain can also be wound and stored in the magazine. It is a popular choice for small machine tools and many other uses.
Unlike traditional mechanical chains, CZPT uses a push-pull strategy to move heavy objects. It is a rigid locking design that prevents kinking and allows the chain to transmit force without bending. The CZPT is an excellent choice for moving large loads and is particularly versatile in power transmission. However, CZPT is more expensive than traditional drive chain options.
The service life of a linear chain depends on its design, material type and size. You may want to buy a good quality chain, but it’s not necessary in all cases. While superior quality can extend the life of the chain, it may not be necessary for low-speed drives or very light shock loads. If you’re not dealing with high-velocity shock loads, you probably don’t need features like oil reservoirs or bushing grooves.
The size of the drive sprocket can have a major impact on the overall life of the linear chain. It determines how fast the chain can go and how much horsepower it can produce. An 11-tooth chain will hit about half its rated speed, but only about 30 percent of its rated horsepower. You can extend the life of your linear chain by choosing a drive sprocket with a higher number of teeth. It is best to choose a drive sprocket with a high number of teeth, but make sure the number of teeth is even. This will ensure that your chain wear is evenly distributed.

China Double Pitch Conveyor Chains with Extended Pins     with Best SalesChina Double Pitch Conveyor Chains with Extended Pins     with Best Sales
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China OEM Double Pitch Conveyor Chains near me manufacturer

Solution Description

fifty Many years and a hundred Many years:
fifty a long time of chain producing experience because 1970
Decided to be a centurial business
a thousand Employees and three hundred Specialists:
Out of 1000 employees, three hundred are extremely skilled technicians, engineers
two hundred,000 Sq. meters:
Manufacturing Foundation for chains
forty,000 Square meters:
Producing Base for bearings
10 Industries and 8000 Types:
Chains we offer include much more than ten big industries and much more than 8000 diverse models

8 expectations:
Participated in compilation of 8 Chain Standards:1 global common, 2 national requirements, and 5 industrial standards
one hundred Patents:
A lot more than 100 patents
Gained hundreds of Glorious Awards from our esteemed clients, point out and local governments, and different Chain Associations
two Handbooks:
Compilation of 2 directive handbooks of chain transmission market:Normal Handbook of Chains, and Engineering handbook of Chain Transmission

The base has turn into 1 of the very best producing facilities in China thanks to:
1, Work of extremely automatic equipments
two, Outfitted with initial race Inspection and check services
three, Lean Generation management
four, Traceability Platforms from raw materials to shipping
5, Information Circulation System ensures performance
We are prepared to be your partner in China.

Advantages and down sides of roller chains

If you want to raise heavy objects, you need to know how to use a roller chain. Its easy design and style and simplicity make it best for a broad variety of purposes. This write-up will discuss the positive aspects and distinct varieties of apps of roller chains. Following studying this report, you will be able to decide on the type of roller chain that best fits your particular wants. In the subsequent area, we will talk about how to offer with it.

Set on

How to measure the wear of a roller chain? There are many strategies obtainable, but the most precise is to use a dress in gauge kit. The CZPT Chain Use Indicator Kit steps chain elongation. Compliant with ANSI and British Specifications, this resource is crucial to the sector chain and can assist you establish when alternative is needed. Improper chain maintenance can trigger tools to slip or execute badly, resulting in unnecessary downtime.
In addition to measuring the elongation of the roller chain, it is also feasible to evaluate the pitch of the rollers. This measurement signifies the ANSI #eighty common for roller chains. Vernier calipers can also be utilized to evaluate the pitch of chains. This instrument is extremely useful and also acts as a bottle opener. You can even use it as a wear gauge. This way, you can determine if the roller chain demands to be replaced.
The wear resistance of a roller chain can lengthen its existence by ten% or more. Nevertheless, proper lubrication and general routine maintenance are crucial to ensure the longest lifespan of your chain. The manufacturing procedure of a roller chain assembly also performs a crucial function in deciding its services daily life. For lengthier life, you may possibly consider purchasing a heavy-responsibility series roller chain with thicker facet plates and longer pins. If you need greater functioning load ability, you can also consider weighty-duty chains.
High-good quality components are critical to the longevity of the roller chain. Higher-top quality roller chain parts call for specific heat therapy procedures. The use of proprietary steel enables the business to manufacture a lot more resilient drums. The pins are made to tight tolerances and then go through a centerless grinding procedure. This process removes any surface area defects, ensuing in a mirror end on the pins. The uniformity of this surface area complete also guarantees that the load is evenly dispersed on the pins, extending the lifestyle of the chain.


Among the components employed in roller chains, carbon metal and alloy metal are the most frequent. Even so, stainless steel is used in foods processing tools and purposes that demand lubrication. Other components utilised for roller chains consist of nylon and brass. For far more details, see the USACE Substance Specification Sheet for far more info. You can also find data about the overall performance of a roller chain by its style. But before deciding on one of these supplies, think about its pros and negatives.
Stainless steel is an outstanding selection for roller chains. It is corrosion-resistant and can run in excessive temperatures without cracking. Stainless metal is a non-magnetic materials that can operate in a temperature variety of -200 degrees to +seven-hundred degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to its corrosion-resistant homes, stainless metal can face up to a assortment of environments and can be used in large-responsibility programs. The MEGA collection is the strongest stainless metal roller chain in the globe.


As the identify suggests, a roller chain has 5 simple factors: pins, bushings, rollers, and pin chainplates. These factors are precision engineered to make sure optimum performance and sturdiness. Common purposes include drives and conveyor belts. The numerous components of the roller chain can be personalized to distinct wants. Study on to understand a lot more about how these components operate collectively. This post offers the advantages and drawbacks of diverse varieties of roller chains and discusses their applications.
A roller chain is a type of chain push consisting of brief cylindrical rollers related collectively by side hyperlinks and gears named sprockets. Even though these gadgets are easy, they have some limits. In most instances, sprockets must be made with a maximum tensile load on one particular tooth to prevent premature chain failure. As a result, these chains are less productive than belt drives with higher inertia.
Roller chains are generally manufactured of carbon or alloy metal, although stainless metal is usually utilized exactly where foods processing machinery and lubrication are problematic. At times, nylon and brass are used. The highest running pace of the roller chain is critical for some applications, but it also offers economic positive aspects for customers and makers. The highest running pace of a roller chain is usually governed by a put on restrict, which can differ by software.
The global roller chain market place is predicted to increase at a CAGR of in excess of 5.4% above the subsequent 6 years. The research report handles the aggressive landscape and crucial elements influencing the industry. The report also analyzes the development potential, merchandise utilization, and pricing designs of key distributors. It also addresses the SWOT evaluation of the important players in the industry. The examine supplies a complete marketplace analysis of all these elements and much more. It also highlights essential players and their techniques and identifies the quickest expanding regions for their items and companies.


Due to the fact rollers are exposed to a assortment of environments, which includes snow, rain, and muddy roads, typical routine maintenance is essential to prevent injury. Because they need to face these components usually, frequent inspections are important to prevent rust and other hurt. Also, steer clear of pouring acidic or alkaline cleaning merchandise on the roller chain. Alternatively, use scorching h2o with hand sanitizer or a disposable toothbrush to thoroughly clean the rollers. Washing the chain immediately with drinking water has minor impact.
For little rollers, the workload throughout the split-in interval need to not be also massive, or else, it will lead to overheating. The tiny drum ought to also be inspected regularly for any strange visual appeal, which may show that the technique is not working effectively. In this circumstance, the operation must be suspended. Failure to do so could outcome in serious injuries or a facility fireplace. Moreover, a appropriately lubricated roller chain is vital to ensure lengthy-time period overall performance.
The floor of the roller is often rusted and scratched. Above time, these minor scars can distribute to the travel, harming it. Also, the chain might not be appropriately spaced and timed. For that reason, it is very essential to verify regularly to make sure that the chain is in leading situation. When the chain wears to 3% or much more, the entire roller chain requirements to be changed. Failure to do so may harm the travel, the roller sprocket, or the entire chain.
Presented the chain’s processing surroundings, lubrication is essential to its overall performance. If the chain is lubricated, it need to be re-lubricated regularly. Even so, lubricated roller chains are susceptible to contamination, particularly in the biomass business. In these environments, airborne organic particles and debris from the biomass market can contaminate lubricated roller chains. This is why servicing is crucial for lubricating roller chains.


The positive aspects of preloading roller chains are effectively documented. In general, preloading removes the preliminary elongation of the roller chain, rising its support lifestyle. Preloading is an effective way to accomplish this, and a preloading chart can help illustrate the positive aspects of this process. Chains with minor or no preload will stretch drastically during push commence, while chains will extend rapidly as the area hardness of the wear areas increases. Additionally, a appropriately preloaded chain has tiny or no elongation for the duration of the first commence-up of the travel, extending use existence.
Quality manufacturers apply the preload notion throughout their creation stage, aligning all significant factors at the very same time. This strategy will help eliminate elongation problems that direct to quick degradation of the roller chain. If this is not checked, the chain travel will extend immediately in excess of time. To avoid these issues, it is essential to buy a substantial-good quality preloaded roller chain from a trustworthy resource.
The heat remedy procedure is an successful way to avert abnormal dress in of the roller chain. Warmth remedy is a sophisticated process that normally takes area in a manufacturing facility during producing. This procedure aids the rollers preserve high hardness and depth, protecting against breakage. When buying a roller chain, make positive that the chain is heat treated and that the chain is created to a higher diploma of precision. It also ensures that the merchandise can be employed for a lengthy time.
In addition to functionality rewards, preloading can also decrease initial elongation. A preloaded roller chain will show in close proximity to linear elongation, whereas a non-preloaded chain will encounter fast elongation. As a result, they will achieve the suggested 3% elongation previously. Make sure the chain is properly lubricated. Also, consider how the chain is arranged. This is critical for optimum longevity.

China OEM Double Pitch Conveyor Chains     near me manufacturer